School Bans Boy From Wearing ‘My Little Pony’ Backpack; Even Glenn Beck Joins Internet Support [Videos]

Grayson Bruce, 9, would be considered a “Brony” — a male fan of the series “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,” a show which is usually attributed to a young female demographic.

Instead of wearing a Spider-Man or Iron Man backpack to school, he wears a “My Little Pony” one, but officials in Buncombe County said that he was no longer allowed to wear it, because it was a “trigger for bullying”, the Huffington Post reported.

The backpack was causing classroom disruptions and Bruce was receiving taunts and insults about the backpack being “girly.”

A petition at was even created and a Facebook page called “Support For Grayson” had over 10,000 Likes. Glenn Beck, of all people, showed his support for little Grayson.

Bruce wants to keep wearing the backpack, but the school may have an arguably-valid reason for placing the ban, after another North Carolina boy was bullied for his love of the same show, although, I have heard the incident was unrelated to Bruce’s ban.

Michael Morones, 11, attempted suicide on Jan. 23, 2014, after he was repeatedly bullied at school for wearing “My Little Pony” paraphernalia. Morones has sustained severe brain damage from the attempt.


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  1. Facebook likes are as useless as Glenn Beck’s support. The bottom line is that regardless of what school officials do in response to news stories or (IMHO) pointless social media “likes”, other 9 year olds will continue to taunt him. It’s the nature of the beast. (Forgive me, but I wouldn’t let ANY child wear that thing to school!)

    • Makes all sense to me. I think we should not discriminate on people’s taste or orientation, but respect those, and regardless on why bullying happens, BULLYING IS JUST UNACCEPTABLE. If the school wants to prevent such bullying, they first should have a talk with the parent, before forbiffing it, and making news on the net.

  2. Bullies focus on people who dare to be individuals. They don’t like when people try to be who they are so they do what they can to bring them down. Grayson likes MLP. there’s nothing wrong with that, not in the least. but we all know that there are people who just don’t get it

  3. Sweeping the victim under the rug is pretty standard procedure for the public school system. My recommendation would be for the aspiring brony to learn some self defense (fighting dirty is perfectly acceptable), then come down HARD on one of the tormentors. Yes, the school will punish him (another valuable lesson from the public school system), but the taunting will decrease.

    This in itself would be a valuable lesson.

  4. “Even” Glenn Beck? Glenn Beck “of all people?” That’s a pretty biased way to introduce a guy who’s doing the right thing. You probably think that he hates any differences in self expression, right?

    • Obvious bias from the author – regardless of how one feels about Glenn Beck, this shouldn’t be something that surprises people if they actually know what he believes in – mainly individual liberty and the right to believe in what you want to believe….

  5. I think people nowadays are becoming to PC for their own good and all about teaching children it is ok to be different….. it is not your son’s problem if he wants to wear women’s underwear and a big floppy flowery to school…. but societies problem….. be yourself….. be a unique snowflake.

    Just because you like something doesn’t mean you should do it in public and these kids are going to have huge entitlement issues when their boss tells them there is a dress code in the office and you can’t wear your favorite MegaDeath Tshirt with your Burkenstock sandals to office meetings.

    We are raising a generation of wienies that will cry if someone says they can’t do something…. because they want too.

    Bullying is part of life…….. a part kids better get use to because it never goes away…….. cops will bully you…. your politicians will bully you…. the IRS will bully you…… your boss will bully you. Anyone that has any authority over you will always bully you so the best thing for you is to avoid them and keep your head down so they pick someone else to pick on

    If he were my son I would sit him down and tell him if he wants to be a Brony at home….. knock yourself out… I will help you paint your room purple with glitter all over it….. but in school it will cause other children to make fun of him so it is best if he just grabs a spiderman backpack.

  6. “Bullies focus on people who dare to be individuals.” whether they are boys who like My Little Pony or people named Glenn Beck.

  7. its another misobservation in cause and effect. idk what’s with people and battling the EFFECTS. The cause of the MLP backpack and being made fun of for it is the bullies. Not the MLP backpack. idc if he does wear it to school or not but damn people open your eyes. Theres more to this world than a fuckin backpack. were facing WW3 and worse. educate yourselves.

  8. This site has become blatantly biased and overtly liberal like Geekosystem blog did a year or two ago. Sad really, used to come here just for geeky news, not listen to political drivel from the authors of these articles.

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