The Majestic Beauty of Quebec City’s Ice Hotel [Picture Gallery]


Located just a few minutes away from downtown Québec City, L’Hôtel de glace is truly a wonder to behold. The hotel has been in operation, intermittently of course, since 2001 and has been visited by over a million people from all around the globe. With his unique and jaw-droppingly beautiful rooms and architecture, this unique hotel located in the heart of the province of Quebec is a must see attraction if you’re passing through. I’ve been wanting to sleep there for the past few years, but my wife seems to think that this is a bad idea. Oh well, at least I have a few pictures of my visit to share with you guys.

I’ll start the picture gallery by showing you photos of some of the hotel’s beautiful specially-themed rooms, which makes the experience of sleeping there so magical for many visitors. Please note that these rooms are entirely made from ice and snow, nothing else… apart from the mattress and lighting, of course!









The Hotel’s entrance and lobby:




The Bar, which is operated by Domaine Pinnacle, a cidery that makes what I think is the best ice cider in the province of Quebec. They also offer an alcoholic maple cream, Le Coureur des Bois, which tastes a little like Irish cream, but only better.


There’s even a special section, themed around Disney’s Frozen movie, with a slide!




The Chapel:


And at last, a look at the hotel from afar. I didn’t put this picture on top of the post since I think the hotel looks quite unremarkable from the outside, but don’t let that deter you from visiting, the inside looks beyond amazing.


[Quebec City’s Ice Hotel]

2 Responses to The Majestic Beauty of Quebec City’s Ice Hotel [Picture Gallery]

  1. Although I am not from Quebec city, I live in Quebec (the province) and I’m proud to see such attraction presented to a geek site. It reminds me of the ice sculptures we can see in Ottawa during Winterlude, every year………………………….

  2. stunningly gorgeous to say the least, but far less delicious than chicoutimi’s l’hôtel de crème glacée