Legend of Zelda Sword Used In Real Life


A Houston man pulled out a weapon during a fight with his girlfriend’s husband. It’s not that unusual sounding until you discover the weapon was a replica sword from Legend of Zelda.

According to a report, Eugene Thompson and his girlfriend had an argument, leading to her calling her estranged husband who then came round to the house and eventually began to charge towards Thompson:

That’s when Thompson says he grabbed his replica master sword from ‘The Legend of Zelda.’

“I heard him heading to the bedroom where I was, so I jumped in the closet and I grabbed one of my replica swords, and I pulled it out and stood at the doorway, and he was coming down the hallway at me while I was yelling, ‘Go away, you don’t live here’ and he just walked right into the point of the sword, I don’t know if he thought it was a toy,” said Thompson.

Both men wound up in hospital: the husband with two stab wounds from what was very much not a toy, and Thompson with injuries from a flowerpot to the head.

Full report: Click2Houston


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