AirPnP Lets You Rent Out Your Toilet


A new service lets people and businesses advertise their bathroom facilities as available to the public in return for a fee. It’s designed to make the most of big events where public facilities are inadequate.

When there aren’t enough bathrooms nearby for the amount of people in any given location Airpnp is there to save the day. Airpnp gives residences and businesses the opportunity to rent out their bathrooms to people in their immediate location who need to use it. This currently happens through a mobile optimized web app (native apps are in the works!). Users are able to rate their pee experience afterwards to others can see how each restroom stacks up.

The founders are both born and raised New Orleanians and during the Mardi Gras they routinely experienced the pain point of having no place to legally urinate. This problem is often solved by using what is known as a “rogue pee.” If caught the person faces a weekend in Orleans Parish Prison. Yet this stiff penalty doesn’t stop thousands upon thousands of “rogue pees.” This clearly demonstrates the demand for a legal alternative. Entrepeeneurs Travis Laurendine and Max Gaudin decided to capitalize on this golden opportunity starting with Mardi Gras 2014.

The BBC notes that toilet owners must provide details such as the cleanliness level of their bathroom and the thickness of their toilet paper.


(Image credit: Flickr user Andrey via Creative Commons)