Turning Doo-doo Into An Alternate Energy Source

“Susana and her Load of Crap” is a 90-second video animated entirely in dirt by artist Cesar Diaz Melendez. It “tells the story of one graduate, Susana Fallas, who is helping communities turn their bio-pollution into an alternate energy source. Literally turning poop into usable energy.”

For two hundred bucks let’s take this smelly doody
And turn it into something worth a small booty
Biodigesters – do you know what they do?
They’re polyurethane bags that gather up poo
A bag of cow patties that do more than you knew.
Just wait ’til you see what this doo doo can do…
No smelly villages, the stink has been cut.
All because Susana used what came from a butt
No forests cut down, the villagers are happy.
No one is sick and the ground isn’t crappy

[EARTHUonline | Via Neatorama]

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