‘Star Trek’ Theme Park to be Built in Spain!

If you’re a Star Trek fan, especially one who always wanted to visit Spain, you’ll soon have an excuse!

Paramount Studios is building Paramount Park in Murcia, Spain, about 270 miles southeast of Madrid on the Mediterranean Coast.

The Star Trek theme park will have a Starfleet recruitment center, a 3D simulator ride, and a Warp Speed roller coaster.

simulador-star-trek-2.jpg~original_ simulador-star-trek-3.jpg~original_ vistas-plaza-futura.jpg~original_

The park will also contain “condos and office buildings, hotels, malls, a casino, a convention center, gardens, nightlife, and dining areas, an exhibition hall/auditorium and a theme park divided into several sections,” according to CNET.

The park is slated for a 2015 opening.

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