NOT JOKING: How Would You Feel About a Spidey-Themed Movie Every Year?

Because that’s what Sony is planning on doing.


According to io9, Sony Pictures Co-chair Amy Pascal says:

“We are expanding the ‘Spider-Man’ universe into ‘The Sinister Six’ and ‘Venom,’ so that we have ‘Spider-Man’ movies every year.” Alex Kurtzman is directing Venom, from a script he co-wrote with longtime collaborator Roberto Orci, plus Ed Solomon. Drew Goddard is writing a Sinister Six film, and may direct as well. Marc Webb is once again directing Amazing Spider-Man 3, due out in 2016.

Look: I am ready for a Venom movie — provided it’s done well. Marvel and Fox have obviously ramped up their superhero movie production, but they have a large canon to choose from.

What do YOU think about a Spidey or Spidey-related movie every year?


5 Responses to NOT JOKING: How Would You Feel About a Spidey-Themed Movie Every Year?

  1. They need to stop with the Spider-man movies so that the rights to him & the Fantastic Four can go back to Marvel. Maybe then we’d get an awesome movie from either franchise.

  2. Same as above. Sony needs to sell the rights back to Marvel/Disney. Until they do, it’ll be 1-2 mediocre movies followed by a reboot. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  3. I like the current spiderman……. they have stepped away from the boring old story line and added in some sinister government plot that killed Peter Parkers parents. So much better then the other ones in which the venon suit turned Peter Parker into a Jazz loving emo giggalo.

    I am really looking forward to the next one.

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