11 Delicious Facts About Pizza


It’s a fact, everyone loves pizza, even ex Russian presidents. Here are 11 delicious facts about pizza.

  1. The first online pizza purchase of all time was from Pizza Hut in 1994.
  2. The first Bitcoin transaction ever occurred in 2010 and was for a pizza. The person paid 10,000BTC, or about $25 back then, which is now worth approximately $7 million.
  3. Ancient Greeks and Egyptians covered flatbreads with toppings, but the real modern pizza originated in NAPLES in the 1700s when the poor added tomatoes to focaccia.
  4. Pizza hut paid $1 million to the Russian Space Agency to deliver a 6″ pizza to the ISS in 2001.
  5. 5 billion pizzas are sold worldwide each year, with 252 million pounds of pepperoni eaten. 350 slices are eaten each second.
  6. Brian Wells, an American pizza delivery, robbed a bank in 2013 right before a bomb attached to his neck killed him, apparently under coercion from the maker of the bomb.
  7. Dominos’s 30-minute delivery promise was dropped in the U.S. because pizza delivery men had too many accidents while delivering their goods
  8. Domino’s Brazil ran a DVD promotional campaigns in partnership with video rental stores where DVDs where printed with pictures of pizza which started smelling pizza once heated by the DVD player.
  9. An ex Russian president was found drunk in the streets of Washington DC in his underwear, hailing a cab, craving for pizza.
  10. Dubbed the Pizza Principle, since 1960, the New York Subway fare has always matched the price of a slice of Pizza.
  11. NASA has recently funded the development of a 3D pizza printer.

[AllTime10s | Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons]

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