What The Simpsons Sound Like In Other Countries [Video]

Find out how Homer says “Doh” in Spain, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and in the United States of America. Too bad the French Canadian version isn’t there, because watching the the Simpson in “Québécois” is one of the most awesome thing you can experience on TV. :)


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  1. So true, i’m from Québec and I usually prefer to Watch my movies and programs in there original language. The only exception to that is “The Simpsons”. The traduction here is so damn perfect.

  2. Uh, the first “Spain” audio is NOT the Spanish audio. Not from Spain, at least. That is from South America. There are ongoing wars that seem to have lasted for generations in the barren wastelands of YouTube between Spaniards and South-Americans that started with South Americans saying their Simpsons audio was better than ours. Silly them.

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