A Visual Guide to Marvel Character Movie Rights [Pic]

Confused as to what movie studio owns which characters? Do you think Disney owns Wolverine, because the X-Men are Marvel?

Think again.


The Geek Twins have created this handy infographic with a sampling of what characters are owned by whom.

[via The Geek Twins]

3 Responses to A Visual Guide to Marvel Character Movie Rights [Pic]

  1. I think that marvel could make an argument for the rights to Deadpool. He isn’t technically a mutant and though he has been in the X-men and X-force through out his career he has long been considered an independent. He has also teamed up with Spiderman, Taskmaster, and Captain America. In my opinion there is enough to convince a judge he isn’t covered under the X-Men/Mutant umbrella of FOX.

  2. I find it quite sad. Because of money interests, we certainly won’t see Spiderman in “The Avengers” movie series. Wait and … hope ^^

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