15 Epic Male Cosplayers You Need to Check Out Today!

Male Cosplayers

For each good picture of a male cosplayer you find online, there’s plenty more featuring females. However, today, I’m looking to change all that by featuring 15 guys who really know what they’re doing when it comes to cosplay. For the sake of diversity, I’ve picked male cosplayers from all around the globe, from the United States to Australia, passing through Finland, Italy, Canada, and more!

Xailas – Jeff Siegert Fanpage (USA)


Jeff Siegert is a North American artist, cosplayer and music producer. He his most known for his totally epic Raiden (Metal Gear) cosplay, which is one of the most detailed and well crafted costume I’ve ever seen.

[Xailas – Jeff Siegert Fanpage on Facebook | Photo by Erik Estrada]

Elffi Cosplay (Finland)

Elffi Cosplay

Elffi is a 25-year-old male cosplayer from Jyväskylä, Finland, that has been cosplaying for the past 8 years. He likes to travel all over the world, visiting conventions to take part in cosplay competitons as a judge or a participant. He currently studies Business Management in the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences.

[Elffi Cosplay on Facebook | Photo by Renaud.M.Photographe]

Justin Acharacter (Australia) (R.I.P)

Justin Acharacter


Justin writes:

I love art and doing artistic things, I was introduced to cosplay by a friend and have never looked back, it is art that I can wear and still get that wow factor, my speciality is superhero and gaming characters.

[Justin Acharacter | Photo by E Photography]

Carlos Blanchard (Rage Custom Creations) (USA)

Carlos Blanchard


Carlos Blanchard is a costumer who has built a reputation in the costuming community, over the years, for his passion in costuming and photography, as well as making a name for himself with his unique designs in both costumes and props. From his now famous Medieval Batman to the Facehugger Corset, and the super viral male cosplay Venom shoot with Superhero Photography by Adam Jay, his work is known far and wide.

[Rage Custom Creations on Facebook | Photo by Superhero Photography by Adam Jay]

Knightmage (USA)



When it comes to cosplay, the main goal for Knightmage, beside having fun, is to inspire and spread good will through cosplaying. The Knightmage: Cosplay Against/Awareness Campaign along with the Knightmage: Prints for Charity (FREE at conventions) is that avenue. Find out more about Knightmage and his work at www.facebook.com/knightmage1 or on twitter @Knightmage. Among male cosplayers, Knightmage is definitely one of our favorites!

[Knightmage on Facebook | Photo by Superhero Photography by Adam Jay]

Something Wicked Cosplay (Australia)

Something Wicked Cosplay


Something Wicked is a 26 year old Australian cosplayer who designs and recreates characters from multiple genres. Interested in comics, horror movies, video games, pop culture, and male cosplay, he has a passion for all things geeky and loves to add his own touch to the characters he cosplays. He loves making all kinds of props and promotes the idea of cosplay being all about having an awesome time.

[Something Wicked Cosplay on Facebook | Photo by E Photography]

Kelan Ord (Canada)

Kelan Ord

Guillaume, aka Kelan Ord, is a graphic artist/designer and male cosplay model living in Quebec, Canada. He is also a big Star Wars fan and all around geek. He got into cosplay about two years ago and is now a member of the application team for the Mandalorian Mercs Costuming Club.

[Kelan Ord on Facebook | Photo by Eve Panneton]

Junkers Cosplay (USA)

Junkers Cosplay

Junkers Cosplay is a San Diego, California-based cosplayer, UCSD engineering student and hardcore corgi enthusiast. He also excels at building props of all kinds. You can follow him on Facebook or on his blog right here.

[Junkers Cosplay on Facebook | Photo by When Was This Taken? (Photography)]

Captain Cosplay (USA)

captain cosplay


Captain Cosplay is a New York City-based cosplay artist that designs and fabricates costumes for himself, but also does commissions for other cosplayers as well.

[Captain Cosplay on Facebook | Photo by K. Mulligan Photography]

Harley’s Joker (USA)

Harley's Joker

Anthony Misiano is a New York City based actor, filmmaker and artist. He began drawing and creating characters early in childhood, and began performing at the age of fourteen. He has appeared in nearly three dozen stage plays and numerous independent films, some of which he has also written and directed. In 2012 he appeared at San Diego Comic Con as the classic comic book villain the Joker, and the internet went a little crazy. He has since enjoyed visiting multiple comic, pop culture and media cons, costume in tow. In 2013 he left his home town of San Diego, California, bound for New York. He continues to make his living as an actor and artist, and plans to do so until the day he dies.

Also featured in the photo (above): Joker’s Harley.

[Harley’s Joker on Facebook | Photo by Eric Anderson Photographic]

Leon Chiro Cosplay Art (Italy)

Leon Chiro

Leon writes:

Hey there, I’m Leon Chiro, an Italian Cosplayer with a huge passion for Cosplay Art. I love Cosplay Contests, I love to interpretate my characters and to enjoy conventions in good company! Fun is the main part of this hobby! In my real life I’m a Photomodel, bartender, and a student in Sports Science and Physiotherapy.

[Leon Chiro Cosplay Art on Facebook | Photo by Fotomania]

Mark Meer (Canada)

Mark Meer

Apart from being a huge geek, Mark Meer is also an actor, writer and improvisor. His voice is featured in many games from Bioware, namely in the mass effect series where he plays as Commander Shepard. Mark also has his own TV show, Tiny Plastic Men, which he co-created. Here’s a preview clip:

Mark writes:

Here’s my Hobgoblin costume, most recently worn at DragonCon 2013. Fabric components by Brian Parsley, custom silicone mask by Wes Branton of CFX.

[Mark Meer on Twitter | Photo by Marc-Julien Objois]

Steven K Smith Props (USA)

Steven K Smith Props


Steven writes:

I am a freelance illustrator turned prop maker living outside of Kansas City, Missouri. I love making video game props and am best known for my hyper realistic Borderlands Psycho Bandit masks and iconic Buzz Axes. Feel free to follow my future prop builds at www.facebook.com/stevenksmithprops.

For those interested, you can purchase Steven’s amazing Psycho Bandit masks over at his Etsy shop right here.

[Steven K Smith Props on Facebook | Photo by Michelle Ramos Makeup and Photography]

Danquish (USA)


Danquish writes:

I am a Cosplay, Ninja, Giant Robot and Shiba Inu fan. I got into cosplay about 4 years ago when I discovered that I could extend my love for recreating my favorite characters to more than just once a year at Halloween. Over the years I have made some great friends as well as met some of my personal cosplay and creative heroes, all while bringing smiles to fans who share the same passion for the characters I strive to recreate.

[Danquish on Facebook | Photo by Vivid Vision]


As you can see, there’s some really talented male cosplayers out there, you just have to dig a little deeper than usual to find them! Thanks to everyone who sent in their suggestions for this post! I also have to say that writing this “male cosplay” piece took me a lot longer than what I thought it’d initially take. Tracking all these people and their photographers, and then asking for their permission to feature their work on Geeks are Sexy nearly drove me insane.

Please note that all these photos are copyrighted and are the propriety of their respective owners.

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