‘American Gods’ Series Has New Home; ‘Anansi Boys’ on Deck for BBC

American Gods

Last November, HBO announced that Neil Gaiman’s American Gods was no longer in development.

Now, FreemantleMedia has acquired the rights to the book, but what channel will ultimately air the series remains unknown.

FreemantleMedia is mostly known for game shows and reality shows, but they are “currently boosting their scripted TV division with shows in development for A&E, Spike TV, and The CW,” according to Geeks of Doom.

Neil Gaiman posted a blog about what happened at HBO and how FreemantleMedia came to have the rights:

“A few people have asked for more background on this: HBO had an option on American Gods for several years. It went through three different pilot scripts. HBO has a limited number of slots and, after a while, passed it to Cinemax, who are in the HBO family, who decided eventually they didn’t want to do it, and the option expired, which unfortunately meant we couldn’t work with Tom Hanks’ production company Playtone any longer, as they are exclusive to HBO. However, Stefanie Berk, who had been one of the brightest stars at Playtone, had recently moved to Freemantle, and was as determined as she had been when she was at Playtone to bring American Gods to the screen. And I was impressed by her determination.”

He also revealed that RED Productions will be turning his Anansi Boys into a miniseries for the BBC.

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