Look What DJ Deadmau5 Did with his $300,000 Ferrari 458 Spider [Pic]


DJ Deadmau5 recently posted this picture of his $300,000 Ferrari 458 Spider on Facebook along with this explanation:

“If you think the car’s bad, you should see what I did to my bathroom wallpaper. Isn’t it fun to do things your own way and just not give a f***? Try it, you’ll like it, I promise.”

[Source: Deadmau5 on Facebook | Via CB]


4 Responses to Look What DJ Deadmau5 Did with his $300,000 Ferrari 458 Spider [Pic]

  1. Isn’t it nice to throw money down the toilet and then throw it in everyone’s faces?
    Well, I won’t be giving this douche any more of my hard-earned money…

  2. To think “I don’t care a sh*t about what you’re thinking” may be eccentricity.

    To say “ey, look at the silly paintwork I did to my very expensive car. But I don’t care a sh*t about what you’re thinking, bro’!!!” is just boasting about financial power.

    Eccentricity is ok for my. Boasting about financial power in today’s world is plain wrong.

    Sure you don’t care about my opinion, but then I didn’t asked you to show me your car :)

    Nonetheless, crazy paintwork for sure!

  3. Ive seen worse

    Here in Dubai the locals cover their Ferraris with swarovski crystals so they are sparkling like a 5 year old girls lunch box.

    Or they paint them dark brown and cover them with LV emblems so their cars look like a Louis Vuitton hand bag.

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