When Sherlock…Met Sherlock! [Pics]

And it was love at first sight!

(Or just in my imagination…)

The two Sherlocks met on Jan. 19 at the Producers Guild Awards in California.

RDJ_Cumberbatch 1 RDJ_Cumberbatch 2

[via BuzzFeed]


4 Responses to When Sherlock…Met Sherlock! [Pics]

  1. Dear England,

    Yes. We have all seen Benedict Cumberbatch! Now, I am sure there are some other English actors who would like to work as well. Let’s cast someone else, please?

    • Laryy,

      I adore Mr. Cumberbatch but agree with you wholeheartedly. I know there are many, many fine actors and actresses that seem to get passed over whenever they film a popular movie or show. Martin Freeman as Bilbo is all well and good, but really? Isn’t there an actual “little person” whose acting would work as well or better?