4 Simple Chemistry Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Better!

1: Make your coffee less bitter (because you’re brewing it with water that’s way too hot) by adding a tiny pinch of salt to it.
2: Help your green bananas ripen faster by putting them inside a brown paper bag along with some ripe tomatoes. The tomatoes will emanate ethylene gaz, which will remain trapped inside the bag, forcing the bananas to ripen much faster.
3: Soften your rock hard homemade cookies by putting them inside a ziplock bag along with a slice of bread, and soon, they’ll be as soft as when they came out of the oven.
4: Can’t remove the rust from an old cast iron skillet? No problems, just pour some coke in it, wait a bit, and get that rust off from your skillet! Coke contains phosphoric acid, which is often used industrially as a rust and tarnish remover.


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