Don’t Be Shy: An Amazing Paper Sculpture of Smaug Made from Pages of “The Hobbit” [Pics]


Danish-American artist Victoria, also known as “Far Too Many Ideas” on Deviantart, created this amazing Smaug paper sculpture using pages of “The Hobbit”. The end result is nothing short of stunning!

From Victoria:

Made this before the movie came out, though after watching the trailer many many times. That one clip, where we first got a good glimpse of him, is what inspired this “pose”. The sculpture was going to happen anyways (since I love the story, the book itself for it, and I love making sculptures), but the trailer gave me this specific idea. By the way, that movie was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. The actors, animators, and concept artists really gave us something to behold. And my god, THAT SONG.



[Source: Far Too Many Ideas on Deviantart]

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