It’s Official: The Simpsons LEGO Set is a Real Thing! [Pics + Video]


After the leaked picture of a still unofficial LEGO Simpsons set appeared online a few days ago, the company has finally announced that the product is a real thing and will start being available in LEGO stores and online in February 2014 for $199 in the US and $229 in Canada.






[Via Technabob]

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  1. £180 in the UK according to the guys on the board that leaked it. A monstrously big kit, though! It looked utterly fake, and the parts number made no sense, but turns out they really reckon people will pay that much for it if they make it detailed enough. Interior walls, each room has a door… It’s pretty crazy stuff.

    • Lego is expensive as hell these days. Maybe it was always expensive and that’s why only a few kids ever have a that dream box of thousands of LEGO pieces. :l I mean, I saw a Forest of Endor kit in the LEGO store where I live and it was £200. Sure, it was huge and came with like 20 figures, but it still seems really pricey.

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