Geeks are Sexy: Our Most Popular Posts of 2013


Since I launched Geeks are Sexy in 2005, the site never stopped growing! 2013 has been our best year so far, and let’s hope that things will keep on improving! Here are the 10 posts that have attracted the most traffic to the site this year, starting with the most popular one!

#1: Artist Creates “Normal Barbie” Using Official CDC Measurements

#2: Stunning Real-Life Photos of Disney Princesses and Jessica Rabbit

#3: Game Console Prices, Adjusted for Inflation

#4: Costumes Are Not Consent: Combating Cosplayer Harassment

#5: The Most Epic Game Glitch of All Time: Ascension of the Jackdaw

#6: A Guide to Understanding Introverts

#7: If Male Superhero Costumes Were Designed Like The Females’

#8: A Simple Way to Teach Fractions Using LEGO bricks

#9: What If The Characters on Game of Thrones Used Facebook

#10: The Most Beautiful Superhero Hoodies Ever

[Picture Source: Nikolay Lamm of]