DORKLY Comic: “Batman’s Tragic Origins”

DORKLY is counting down their top 30 comics of 2013.

Many of the comics on the list have appeared here on [GAS], but this one by the site’s Andrew Bridgman and Julia Lepetit — entitled “Batman’s Tragic Origins” — slipped by us.

It comes in at No. 3.

batmans tragic origins_Dorkly

[Source: DORKLY]

6 Responses to DORKLY Comic: “Batman’s Tragic Origins”

      • James Shride.- Kill Superman WITHOUT a reason, please.

        Adrian Pavone.- Of course! I mean, it’s not like Superman can just move faster than the batarang and just kill Batman with a punch,

        James Shride.- Uh… cool?

        Krypto092.- I believe that there are circumstances where Batman is able to kill Superman, The end of Gods among us for example and others that are not so easy for Batman. However in a simple match 1 vs 1 with 2 days prep Superman (I think) could wipe out Batman without much of a problem.

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