Stunning Real-Life Photos of Disney Princesses and Jessica Rabbit [Pics]


Sure, we see photos of real-life adaptations of animated characters online all the time, but rarely do these pictures truly capture the essence of the these characters. Ealier this week I stumbled on Ryan Astamendi‘s absolutely stunning series of photos featuring models dressed as Disney princesses, and even though they’ve been out for more than a year, I’ve never seen them online before. So without further ado, I’ll let you guys gaze at the perfection of these photos. Many thanks to Ryan Astamendi for giving me the permission to post these on Geeks are Sexy!







[Source: Ryan Astamendi | Via Geekxgirls]


23 Responses to Stunning Real-Life Photos of Disney Princesses and Jessica Rabbit [Pics]

    • There’s also no Ariel and no Cinderella. It doesn’t matter who was left out. There are LOTS of characters. It’s understandable some would be left out. Also, she spent most of the movie as a frog…

        • The point is, your racist panties are in a twist and you shouldn’t be so uptight. Besides, Princess and the Frog was garbage

        • to Stop Whining: No, honey, we’re not playing along with your propaganda. It is not racism to point out racism. Get back to me when someone lynches you for looking at a black woman funny. Also, grow up.

          Although I don’t think racism happened here. In case people missed it, not every woman in this shoot was white. In fact, if that’s who I think it is, the woman playing Jessica Rabbit is not white either.

  1. There is also no Tinkerbelle, or Mulan, or as others stated Ariel, or Cinderella. How about, just once, everything isn’t turned into an issue about Race?

    • she doesnt look asian to me.. (i would know hahaha).. she looks a little bit like my co worker who happens to be native american!!!

    • Lots of Native women look Asian. I hope this woman’s Native because if we’re trying to match the princesses as closely as possible, that would just make sense.

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