Facts and Fiction: How Star Wars Lightsabers Work [Infographic]


[Source: Tech News Daily | Via GeekXGirls]

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  1. …But an electrically repelled molecular monofilament about 4 feet long which vibrates at incredible frequencies to put off heat and cut through any solid material, THAT wouldn’t continue on indefinitely…

  2. read 30 seconds in and already found something they got wrong, the Sith wield red blades because the crystals are synthetic/man made, the red is a product of the forging process. Before the purging (order 66) Jedi had a stranglehold on most worlds the crystals naturally formed on, because of this Sith forged their own crystals

  3. With the latest development in science these will be possible .
    ability to freeze or nearly freeze light for a minute . Leads to steady light beams being frozen and or overlapping at or prior to decay of light in the nano seconds

    ability to store data and or power in a crystal power crystals with whole self powering code in side by side to have full operations functions

    effect to naked eye depending on the frequency most likely a steady beam that has a pulse out or phase shift as our eyes try to catch up or to fast for our eyes to process and just look like a steady blur( think super fast fan looks like moving backwards )

    although heat would be major issue as light still at that spread would be active energy and would boil the air around it hmm…

  4. Imagine a chemical glow stick, even though the liquid is the source of light, it does not extend past the length of the container. A light saber works in a very similar way, the handle of the saber is capable of creating a very strong magnetic field “the container”. When this magnetic field is created a portion of the atmosphere is captured within, this is then super-heated by the energy created from the power source and crystals to a state of plasma “the blade”.

    This concept is similar to nuclear fusion, like fusion the reaction is contained in a strong magnetic field. By adjusting this field you could change the shape of the blade and also the color of it, heat would most certainly be an issue though, you wouldn’t be able to go within a hundred miles of the thing. This would not be impossible to make but to create the energy required you would need the energy output of a small star in the palm of your hand.

  5. That’s why only the force sensitve can weild them. Because they can bend the air around them in a similar way, even controlling the heat prodouced around the blade to fight.

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