Geektastic Articulated Statues: Famous People as Star Wars Characters [Pics]


Seattle-based artist Mike Leavitt has recently created a series of articulated wooden statues featuring famous people, dead or alive, as Star Wars characters. As you see (above and below,) his approach is rather unique and makes a statement, both serious and humorous at the same time, on the personality of each subject.


“Empire Peaks” is an entirely new set of collectible statuary debuting at Jonathan LeVine Saturday November 23, 2013. The new series is composed of 5-part articulating pieces ranging in height from 12? (30 cm) to 36? (1 meter), sculpted in carved wood and polymer clay.


If you’re in the NYC area, you can go and check out Mike’s amazing art in person over at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery. The show ends this Saturday (December 21st, 2013.)

[Source: Mike Leavitt | Jonathan LeVine Gallery | Via Walyou]

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