Fascinating TEDx Talk: Thinking BIG to Reach the Stars [Science Video]

Humanity is on a path that can take us to the stars — if we don’t stop dreaming big and taking chances. The laws of physics don’t say that interstellar travel is impossible; it is simply very difficult. In the past, this was viewed as a challenge. We’ve smashed atoms, covered continents with roads, explored the most inhospitable places on Earth, and sent people to the Moon and robots to the edge of the solar system. But that was yesterday. What about tomorrow? We’re discovering that the universe is not only full of stars, but planets as well — most likely billions of them. We didn’t discover the first planet beyond our solar system until 1992 and today we’ve found thousands. We don’t need warp drive or worm holes to reach the stars — we just need to use the known laws of physics and think BIG.

[TEDxTalks | Via IHC]