Help Needed: Geeks are Sexy – Redirect on Android Phones.

Hi guys,

For the past week, I’ve been hard at work trying to pinpoint a problem happening with Geeks are Sexy. Visitors using Android-based devices here and there throughout the world, but not everywhere, are getting redirected to the Google Play store asking them to download an energy saving app for phones, more specifically “Battery Saver & Widgets” by DU APPS STUDIO.

Here’s what the screen looks like right before the redirect.


Initially, I thought ads were the problem, so I installed a mobile site for smartphones, thinking that this would solve the problem, and while people in America are getting the new mobile site, those in Europe are still getting redirected to the darn app right after the site loads.

I’ve also tried isolating ad scripts on pages and running alternate set of scripts to see which ones were the problem, and ended up realizing that the problem was probably on my server, but I’m just not sure.

The next step? I’m asking for help. If anyone has any pointers or can tell me where to look, I’d appreciate. Geeks are Sexy has been my full time job for 2 years now and been in operation since 2005. Something like this has never happened to me in the past.

If you want to help, I have isolated my ad scripts in these two links, if you guys could try both and reload a time or two, I’d appreciate. Let me know if you’re getting redirected. (only on android-based mobile devices)


EDIT: Here’s a 3rd one Please test this one as well (3-4 reloads) and report in the comments. (Android Devices only)

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  1. You could try doing things like getting jquery direct from their website, etc.
    Go through the actual javascripts that load when you redirect to mobile(set your local browser to a mobile header, and/or try to use a foreign proxy).

  2. Have you tried looking through your .htaccess file?

    I’ve had a rogue script once insert redirect info into that file which can dictate commands to certain browsers before you even load any code, making it hard to find.

  3. I’d run it through and see if any of the domains it’s visiting (and there are a few) are ones it shouldn’t be going to. Seen the same WP issue Mike mentioned, but not sure what you’re using on the backend so…

  4. For me it is ad #2, on about every 3rd or 4th click.
    I’ve also seen an ad for “Mobo Market – Play NOW!”, from “”
    I haven’t seen any ads on #1, reloaded for about 10 times.

  5. I’m in the UK and have been suffering with the redirections on my android phone.

    Having tested those, the first test link worked fine, no rubbish.
    The second link gave me the redirect stuff still.

    When I clicked to your site via typed address, I got your normal site.
    When I clicked your banner I got the mobile site.

  6. No problem redirecting US, Sprint, Android 4.1, Galaxy Note 2
    Did notice adds only displayed 1 out of every 5 or 6 times I reloaded the page.

  7. 2.html is the culpript. Happens occasionally with different messages. So the reason is you have something happening in your ad server.

  8. I get it on both, but the dialog seems to come faster on #1.

    I just tried #2 again and got:
    “ says: Mobo Market – Play NOW!”

    When I try #2 again after that I don’t get any dialogs etc.

    Ok, so I kept testing while while writing this and now I don’t get anything on #1 either..

  9. Some of the sites I run are also having similar issues. We’ve verified that all of our code and databases are clean. We are left with believing the issue is in our ADS.

    If you are like us, you might use one or more ad agencies. When we get one of these kinds of ads, we screenshot it and then send it to our agencies and they eventually track it down.

    Thats all I know from my end. If you find something else, I’d love to hear about it.

  10. I work for a media agency who deals with this sort of stuff for various big and well known companies. From a http headers trace I can see that something very odd is going on with your first test link above and that it seems to be related to an ad publisher I’m very familiar with serving up ads for a client from one of my groups sister agencies.

    I’ve captured the details on this and I’ll be sending this over to my colleagues there to investigate from their end first thing on Monday.

    Hopefully they can get to the bottom of this and this will stop happening for you.

  11. Je ne sais pas si ça peut aider, mais depuis quelques mois, le site (sur PC) a parfois un comportement bizarre : il charge les images, etc… puis il continue à charger (on voit dans l’onglet de Chrome le cercle continuer de tourner) et la page devient quasiment intégralement blanche. Peut-être qu’il y a une cause commune ?

    • Someone was able to track the problem back to an ad… so we’re ok it seems. Just need some extra confirmation, so for those getting the redirect, be sure le let me know by testing the 3 test links above with your android device!

  12. All 3 work fine from Saudi Arabia (2 devices)

    Nexus 4 – Kit Kat 4.4.1
    ASUS Transformer Prime TF201 – Jelly Bean

    Running Chrome Browser on both as well

  13. In the UK….. – The first time I loaded this it displayed: and a single advert. The second and third times I got the pop-up and redirect instead of the advert. Fourth time I got the single advert again.. – After multiple tests I found that this displays “test 2 —————-” and between zero and three adverts. When it displays three adverts (which is very rare) there is no redirect. With zero adverts it redirects straight away. In between those two extremes, it seems to be redirecting instead of loading an advert. – Multiple visits – displays “test 3 —————- BTF 728×90” and three adverts every time, no redirects.

    I have tried all three sites using non-android devices and find that sometimes on “1.htm” I get a “blank” advert and on “2.htm” I get between 1 and 3 “blank” adverts – the blank area is more obvious on this page when it is the first or second (or even both) adverts.

  14. Android on a stock Nexus One s: Link 1 gave me nothing, but when I came back to the main site it gave me the message and send me off to love links. Then link 2 also showed me that message after it has loaded an Amazon advert. Link 3 showed me two adverts the same Amazon advert as Link 2 but had no message or redirection.

  15. From Belgium, nothing to report. Ads are displayed on all links (not always on link 1), no popup or redirect to play store. I tried from my home internet connection and from my cellular operator. Good old Android 2.3.7.

  16. Hi. I tried all your links and they all came back fine. But I want to report that I HAVE been getting those “” pop-ups on a few other websites, and I only found this website after doing a quick search to find a solution. I’m not sure what the problem is.

    If anyone has a solution please reply!

  17. Do you use FEDERATED as one of your ad sources? They’ve got some ads very similar to the above, hijacking IOS and ANDROID.

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