Most Common Sentences Used by Collins, Meyer, and Rowling [Chart]

Do you find it interesting how simple these sentences are across all three book series?

most common sentences

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  1. Virtually by definition, the most common sentences are going to be the ones that are simple enough to apply to a broad range of sentences. What’s the most common sentence in Shakespeare?

  2. THAT HUNGER GAMES one reads like fan porn XD

    the less said about SPARKLEFART (the series that is so boring , you would rather watch AFTER EARTH / LAST AIRBENDER again instead of IT.)

    • That sounds a bit snobby. These are labeled ‘young adult’ series, but obviously appeal to a huge audience including lots and lots of ‘real’ adults. They are relevant to today’s culture. So… yes, interesting.

  3. If by “interesting” you mean “obvious even before anyone started counting them, because the odds of a long, complex sentence being repeated more than a couple times are infinitesmal”, then yes I find it “interesting” how simple these sentences are. Seriously, is your grasp of statistics so feeble that you don’t understand why the most commonly repeated sentences are short ones? Jesus wept.

  4. Is no one else concerned with the possible neurological disorder that Harry might have, indicated by the apparently frequent blinking???

  5. It’s not interesting to me, really. If the characters are interesting and the story compelling, the complexity of the sentences should be pretty much irrelevant, IMHO.

  6. The entire plot of the fifth book revolves around Harry trying to figure out what Voldemort didn’t have last time. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if that book alone is what put the phrase on the list.

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