World’s Tallest Waterslide Will be Totally ‘Insane’ [Pics]

Schlitterbahn Kansas City Waterpark will be debuting the world’s tallest, fastest waterslide next summer.

worlds tallest waterslide

The VERRUKT MEG-A-BLASTER — German for, well, “Insane Megablaster” — is supposed to be even taller than Brazil’s “Insano” waterslide, which is currently the world’s highest waterslide at 134.5 feet! The final, specific height remains a Schlitterbahn secret, however, and will only be announced once the slide’s construction is completed.

The Verrukt Meg-a-blaster will use 4-person rafts, as sliders can expect speeds of 65 mph or more!

The massive slide was supposed to open this past summer, but it will now be ready in time for Opening Day 2014.

So…would YOU go on it??



[via Gawker]

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