Wait, Did I Lock The Door? [Pic]


The farther away you are, the more uncertain you get. Been there, done that.

[Source: The Doghouse Diaries]

2 Responses to Wait, Did I Lock The Door? [Pic]

  1. In most German households it just goes: “Close door, leave”. Because here doors that automatically fall into the lock are popular. You can set them up to not automatically lock, which is useful if you have to carry stuff through while your hands are full. So the only thing you might be worried about is setting the setting back (it’s a tiny little lever inside the door, and you can check if it is set to lock or open by testing if the lock gives way. This can be done in passing, so usually not much space for forgetting it.).

  2. It should be a TARDIS in the middle, and “I’m sure it was bigger on the inside.” in varying degrees on the rings out…

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