Illustrator Tackles His Childhood Abuse with Brave, Inspirational Comic

Comic book artist and illustrator Dean Trippe is a victim of childhood sexual abuse.

In his “Something Terrible” web comic, he addresses the fear, depression, alienation, and hopelessness he felt for decades and the way a certain comic book character inspired him not only to keep drawing, but to fight and become strong — literally saving his life.

The full comic is available for only 99 cents here and includes an afterword by Trippe and resources for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Below is an abridged version, courtesy of Upworthy.

(While not “graphic,” per se, the comic is intended for adults, so please be advised.)


[via Upworthy]


21 Responses to Illustrator Tackles His Childhood Abuse with Brave, Inspirational Comic

  1. I just wanted to say thank you for this comic strip. It’s personal for me on a level that I thought no one else could describe, but you just did. No one has ever illustrated so clearly why my fandoms are so dear to me. They have, and always will be, my sanctuaries. Thank you, thank you, thank you. <3

  2. This is beautiful. Not many people like us can turn something terrible into something hopeful. We sit in our dread and misery, hating ourselves. But this… This made me cry. We can rise above and be more than victims. We can be free! We can be happy and it not weigh us down like a cement block dragging us down deeper into an ocean of depression.

    My escape was always Star Wars :)

  3. Hmmmm that panel with the crowd of comic characters looks suspiciously like a scene from Crisis on Two Earths. :) I’m sure it was intentional, good job.

  4. it is good, my only thing to comment is about the tag line above
    (While not “graphic,” per se, the comic is intended for adults, so please be advised.)

    – graphic means pictures so it is graphic, it comes from greek (Graphics (from Greek ???????? graphikos) are visual presentations on some surface) – detailed description (from where the confused definition above arises) intends to mean as if drawn… so a picture

    • Oh good, because this post featuring a serious, personal story that effects people deeply and bringing awareness to childhood sexual violence, also left me wondering what the Greek origin of a word in the tagline was.

      Do you do that like…everytime you watch a TV show or movie that has “Graphic content” warnings?

  5. thank you for this,its brilliant be proud! it touches on something which i’v battled with,the fear that the damaged caused to me will somehow cause me to hurt others,like some sort of twisted heirloom inherited down the generations,that its all i know,that my boundrys are f8cked that i would never be safe around children,and i don’t feel comfortable,i see my self in there eyes it reminds me of being so young so vulnerabilities and it scares me,im so scared id do something to hurt them,but i wouldnt! its me! its ridiculous but from a young age i decided i would never have kids and do my best to avoid being around them,that it wasnt safe,that something must of happened to them to make them do those things to me so what if the sames handed down to me,aduno its ridiculous and wrong and unfair i know it is but its still there that panic and worry that lack of trust with myself,i know its wrong and suppose its me just trying to get my head around why they would do it,anyway thanks it just really helps to see im not the only one,iv never hurt another person,i wouldn’t,i know how it feels to be hurt so why would i but its just hard,trying to unpick all these things now,at the age of 25 but got a long way to go,but im finding things like this really helpful so thanks u again,might one day attempt my own,find art really helpful so maybe when im when im strong enough,thanks for the inspiration,would love to see it in full,ill go check it out,ur an amazing artist keep it up! x

    • thanks, fairy. i have to tell you, that feeling in your bones to protect children no matter what? that alone is proof you’re made of the basic empathy for others’ well-being that abusers lack. you’re the hero of your story. origins are always dark. the future is bright. <3