Disney Princesses Celebrate “No Shave November”! [Gallery]


Well, since this is the month of Movember, artist Adam Ellis thought “Why shouldn’t the Disney princesses not lend their support, too?”

Yeah, why not? Check out the picture gallery below! I especially like the bearded mermaid above!

(Also, as creepy as these may be, the facial hair doesn’t look fake! It’s kind of incredible.)

disney beards 1

disney beards 2

disney beards 3

disney beards 4

disney beards 5

disney beards 6

disney beards 7

disney beards 8

disney beards 9

disney beards 10

disney beards 11

[via The Mary Sue | Source: Adam Ellis]


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  1. With the habit of women shaving their lady gardens wouldn’t it be more appropriate to have Muffvember (Possibly too UK-centric a joke.)

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