The New Ms. Marvel is a Teenage Muslim Fangirl from Jersey!

Writer G. Willow Wilson is helming the next generation of Ms. Marvel comics and young Kamala Khan will take over for Carol Danvers.


Khan is a Pakistani teenage girl living in New Jersey, and she and her family are Muslims.

She’s also a fangirl.

Khan is a member of the Carol Corps., a “a real-life online group of fans who cosplay, promote, and share in their love of Danvers.”

“Kamala is a card-carrying Jersey girl struggling between a restrictive family life and the needs and wants of being a teenager until she wakes up with superpowers. Never one to say no, Khan takes to the powers – and the name Ms. Marvel – as Marvel’s newest hero.”

Khan will first appear in Marvel NOW! Point One #1 anthology in January before launching her own series in February.

[via Newsarama]