The New Ms. Marvel is a Teenage Muslim Fangirl from Jersey!

Writer G. Willow Wilson is helming the next generation of Ms. Marvel comics and young Kamala Khan will take over for Carol Danvers.


Khan is a Pakistani teenage girl living in New Jersey, and she and her family are Muslims.

She’s also a fangirl.

Khan is a member of the Carol Corps., a “a real-life online group of fans who cosplay, promote, and share in their love of Danvers.”

“Kamala is a card-carrying Jersey girl struggling between a restrictive family life and the needs and wants of being a teenager until she wakes up with superpowers. Never one to say no, Khan takes to the powers – and the name Ms. Marvel – as Marvel’s newest hero.”

Khan will first appear in Marvel NOW! Point One #1 anthology in January before launching her own series in February.

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32 Responses to The New Ms. Marvel is a Teenage Muslim Fangirl from Jersey!

  1. I have nothing against muslims of course. But it seems comics are becoming just as politically correct as everything else. We have to have heroes/villains of every race. We to have them that are from varying degrees of IQ (smart or dumb). We have to have some with some sort of disability. And most recently we have to have ones that maybe are a new race (I heard they wanted a black superman), a religion or not straight.

    I mean fine thats great but its hard enough accepting the utterly ridiculous politically correct life in america. Now it is invading our comics too. >.<

    • 1993 for black superman. John Henry Irons. I don’t care her race/religion. Just overexcited that she is a female character who is actually wearing clothes and reading books.

      • Except one of the books she reads is one of the most oppressive things to happen to women in the history of humanity…yeah..that sounds like we should encourage that…should have made her an Atheist former muslim.

        • depends on which Hadith it is and how it is interpreted. Like any set doctrine can be a beautiful thing or twisted into something to control.

        • uh, no, “one of the most oppressive things to happen to women in the history of humanity” is the spread of fundamentalist Islam in the past half century. the Qu’ran itself actually gave a lot of rights to women at a time and place where women were basically treated as property. this included things such as divorce rights, and the ability to own property. not that they’re at the forefront of anything related to women’s rights, but it’s not like the Bible or any other holy book is any better :/ also did “struggling between a restrictive family life and the needs and wants of being a teenager” completely fly over your head? ’cause it sounds like this kind of thing you’re worried about ruining our world will be addressed.

        • I looked at the picture and assumed youre talking about the one labeled US History. Because if you want to discuss oppression of women why not take a look at what the US Government has done for women in it’s entire short history. Being a Muslim does not mean she is an oppressed female, it means she follows her faith in God (Allah? I never quite followed every cultures term for God) to a different book.

    • So… you’re upset because your comics are reflecting the diversity present in the real world, and they’re deviating from the heterosexual white male that is commonly prominent?

      • It’s not just heterosexual white men that they’re interested in. It’s also the big breasted white women. So see, they’re plenty diverse.

    • This isn’t about being “politically correct”, this is about being correct. Comics are art, and art should reflect the world it exists in. We have diversity, and comics, and any other art form, should reflect that. Races, religions, sexes, genders, sexual orientations, political preferences, etc. – as much diversity as there are in these, they should exist in comics.

    • Well, the obvious replies are:

      1) The majority still have majority representation.
      2) Pragmatically speaking, comics widening their demographic is good for comic publishers.
      3) Why is having characters of different races and cultures a bad thing?

  2. Heaven forbid something that’s purely fantasy would try to include everyone. Because only white, straight people have dreams of grandeur. Everybody else should be happy with reality and nothing else. Sorry Muslim girls, you can’t have super powers. Clichename can’t handle it.

  3. What religion are any of the other Super Heros? Do we even know/care? Why does this new one have to be “Muslim”. are there specifically Jewish or Christian or Hindu or Wiccan Super Heros? Why can’t she just be a Pakistani girl? It will be assumed she’s a Muslim anyway. What is she going to do to show her Muslim faith? Stop in the middle of saving the world to pray to Allah 5 times a day? I am not bashing Islam I am just trying to figure out why this new super hero has a specific faith attached to her.

    • Being a bit sleep deprived right now, I’m only going to cite one example in response to your query, that I happen to recall off the top of my head: Kitty Pride/ Shadowcat. She’s a Jewish (and mutant) superheroine who joined the X-Men as a teenager. There are more; perhaps others will chime in with them.

  4. So, wait, did they kill of Carol? Or does Marvel just not want to create a NEW female super hero without replacing an old one first?

    • On the contrary, Marvel isn’t “replacing” Carol Danvers – they’re giving her a legacy as an inspiration for another hero, which is pretty rare for female superheroes. There will be a new Captain Marvel series (starring Carol Danvers) starting early next year (February, I believe); her first series just wrapped up this week. With how popular Captain Marvel’s been recently, Marvel is far more interested in taking that popularity to the bank than replacing her. (Hence the new Ms. Marvel.)

      • Okay, wait: So this is a spinoff, where the girl takes on the name of Ms. Marvel, while the actual Ms. Marvel is still doing things? This won’t last long. Basically, it’s going to be another Black/Latino Spider-Man run. It’ll look interesting on paper, and then they won’t actually write anything for it that is interesting, basically just falling back on the female muslim thing, but without putting any actual depth in it.

  5. Hmm, a superhero going up against the teachings of Allah(pbuh)…

    “Kamala is a card-carrying Jersey girl struggling between a restrictive family life and the needs and wants of being a teenager”

    Again…replace ‘restrictive’ with ‘Islamic’…she is being dragged from the way of Allah(pbuh) by the sinful nature of the West. The devil has given her these powers to go against Allah(pbuh)…she will burn in hell when she dies…

    (Most of above is semi-tongue in cheek but nothing far from what I have read from Muslims whenever some one rebels against Islam.)

    You never know one of her super-powers might be rational thought and she will realise all erligions and gods are made up to control people.

  6. “Appeal to GaS readers: We know that the setting up of the healthcare exchanges themselves and the wider Affordable Care Act/”Obamacare” measures are politically controversial issues. For the sake of useful discussion, we’d appreciate it if you kept your comments to the topic of the IT system and website itself in this instance.”

    How come there is never a disclaimer on posts like this one? Is it because this post provides the opportunity for a progressive circle jerk while the other post calls into question progressive ideology?

    A person comments on how PC comics have become and is attacked based on their presumed gender and race. These attacks are interesting because they imply there is nothing wrong with skin color, unless it is white and there is nothing wrong with gender, unless you are straight and male. A good way to defend diversity in art or life is to begin with not attacking people because of their race or gender.

    Just for the record my only complaint with this comic is that it is too derivative. There are a lot of problems with the comics industry. Having a young Muslim woman protagonist isn’t one of them. Why not give this young lady her own super hero instead of a reboot? “We finally have a female Muslim superhero. Someday she might have her own name.”