Dorkly Comic: The Bravest Next Gen Console Defender on the Internet [Comic]


[Source: Julia Lepetit and Andrew Bridgman –]


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  1. “That has my unwavering allegiance for some reason”
    It’s baffling how some people believe one company has their interests in mind any more or less than another company.

  2. Indeed. He misses the point entirely of the current debate and controversy.

    We aren’t talking about gameplay versus graphics. The matter at hand is why you can have two versions of the exact same game, with one at 1080p and the other at 720p, and the press response isn’t to highlight the difference, but instead, to handwave it away by claiming that there is no difference, or that it’s slight, etc. So apparently, 125% more pixels on one versions is slight now.

    The presses failure to inform, on top of the utterly insulting to their readers intelligence stance that we are ether too blind or two stupid to see the difference is what people are complaining about.

    • And the difference between 720p and 1080p doesn’t mean squat to me when I play an addicting game which renders in raster graphics. A lot of great games aren’t even well-utilized in HD.

      Besides, I played games in 1280×1024 for the last decade, and only felt the need to change when I got a TV to replace my monitor. I’m happy to play at my native resolution.

  3. Wow some of the comics mockery is happening in this comment section about consoles. 730, 1080, PS4, Xbox One… blah blah. Meanwhile PC sits on its thrown still laughing the whole time. :)

  4. Ok, I think people like Dorkly and other journalists are not understanding the core issue. The reason this is interesting is because it’s showing that you have two systems that (for the most part) do the same thing. However, one is at most 125% more powerful than the other, and also costs less. Say you had two PC’s you were going to buy for gaming. Brand A is good, but brand B is slightly better and costs less. Which would you spend your money on. Also, yes, games are more important, but since most games are non-exclusive you’re pretty much picking if you want the version that runs better or not. I’m not telling anyone how to spend their money, but this is part of my logic on my choice. I’ll consider getting the other when it goes down in price, but right now I see myself buying a PS4 first. Also, I’m as much of a Sony fanboy as any other Xbox 360 supporter can be (I do have a PS3 too though).

    • The games are just as good and the only One exclusive I was mildly interested in was titanfall. Not enough to justify an entire system.

  5. A few years ago I sold my XBox 360 and Wii and bought a small used solid state netbook with a HDMI plug for $120 and two usb gaming controllers ( a Microsoft Sidewinder and a USB N64 knockoff).

    I then downloaded emulators for ever game system from 1980-2006 and the top 25 games for each system and have spent the last 2 years having a great time playing all the great games I never got around to playing when I was younger (or games I sucked at when I was younger and I want to beat now).

    Sure the graphics are not great but the gameplay is crisp, the stories are compelling and the games still have that addictive fun factor.

    I can plug it into my TV or projector and play on a 200 inch screen or take the netbook+controller with me in a small messager bag for mobile anytime anywhere fun.

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