FUNNY OR UNFUNNY? ‘Big Bang Theory’ Laughter Replaced with Tidus’ [Video]

I, personally, don’t find The Big Bang Theory funny and I have my reasons that are irrelevant to this post.

Depending on who I talk to – many of them geeks – I’m either met with high fives or incredulous looks.

Whether or not YouTuber skylazor feels like I do or just did it to be silly, he (or she) has taken a short scene from the show, edited out the audience laughs, and replaced them with the forced, insincere laughs of Tidus from “Final Fantasy X.”

Either way, you have to admit: It totally changes the pace and tone of the episode, no? Thoughts?

For reference:

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29 Responses to FUNNY OR UNFUNNY? ‘Big Bang Theory’ Laughter Replaced with Tidus’ [Video]

  1. This is great!

    I’ve long thought that if you need a laughtrack to tell me that something is funny, then it probably isn’t that funny. That’s why I have a hard time watching most sitcoms. And “The Big Bag Theory” is no exception (once the “Big Bang” laughter was so loud I couldn’t hear what the actors were saying… I came to the conclusion I wasn’t missing much).

    I do like funny shows, but I prefer funny shows that have something more than just humor. If you have a funny show that you can take away the humor and still have a good show, you’ll probably find me watching. Give me “Warehouse 13” and “Eureka” over “The Big Bang Theory” any day.

    • You must hardly watch anything then since most “sitcoms” or comedy shows all have laugh tracks. also F* YEAH WAREHOUSE 13 EUREKA!!

      • Well, I don’t watch a lot of comedy shows, that’s for sure (“The Crazy Ones” is one of the few sitcoms I enjoy, but… no laugh track!).

    • Most “laugh tracks” are live studio audiences. Also, these audio cues tell the viewers they can make a quick comment to others w/o missing anything.

    • People are largely unaware that BBT is actually filmed live in front of an audience. It uses a laugh track (recorded from their actual audience) because after eight or nine takes of trying to nail down a scene without breaking into laughs, sometimes the audiences laughter sounds less-than-sincere on the take they get it right.

      Just like 90% of other sitcoms. If you don’t believe me, there’s plenty of BBT outtake footage that shows there’s an audience there laughing their heads off. Its fine if you don’t like it, but a laugh track hardly seems like a good reason.

  2. The early seasons I enjoyed because i could very much relate to one of the characters. That last seasons……not so much.

  3. Not gonna lie…. I think the Tidus laugh really kills the comedy here more than anything else.

    I think a better control for your experiment is just edit out the laugh track, because, let’s face it, Tidus laughing could make anything unfunny.

    • I agree, this is an unfair way of claiming the Big Bang theory is unfunny. The real laugh track doesn’t break up the episode (whether or not it compliments it is another matter entirely). This track breaks up the flow of the episode, loss of continuity then kills the comedy,

  4. I find that most people who dislike Big Bang Theory, are self professed geeks who take themselves too seriously, or are hipsters that hate it because so many others like it. Yes, the characters in the show are exaggerated nerd stereotypes. Yes, a lot of the humor circles around making fun of the nerds. There is a lot of clever writing in the show, and no show is perfect. Hate it for the right reasons.

    • I just don’t like it because it tries to get away with “this is nerdy, therefor you should laugh at it.” It has its moments, but so much of it is on the Family Guy level of just referencing something and you’re supposed to laugh at it.

      • I don’t watch the Family Guy–didn’t enjoy the clips I see advertising it. Is he also a scientist? i didn’t think so. If not, the comparison of the two doesn’t seem to apply.

    • I’ve haven’t watched it that much, but the jokes I did see never seemed that funny to me. I prefer something like Whose Line Is It Anyway, where the improv wit seems so much funnier than the stiff, awkward jokes of Big Bang Theory. Or, if you want decent geek humor, watch The IT Crowd. The Big Bang Theory could learn a lot from that show.

  5. I’m sorry, but this ‘experiment’ in laughter is ridiculous. You could take anything that you’ve found amusing and ruin it with the irritating laugh-track attached. Whether or not you find Big Bang theory amusing or not is irrelevant. Whoever is responsible for this … sorry, swing and a miss. Keep trying, though!

  6. TBBT is far from perfect. I can see where it would be annoying for those who embrace geekdom but live pretty “normal” lives. However, for those of us who are geeks AND outsiders it’s interesting to be able to recognize bits of ourselves and our friends in pop culture–that doesn’t happen much!

  7. It’s fine to not like a show, but I dislike when people say something “is not funny” as a declarative statement.

    What you mean is, you do not find the show enjoyable. For whatever reason.

    The show is a funny show.

      • It is a funny show.
        It is not a drama.

        You don’t say a chair is not a chair just because you don’t find it comfortable to sit it.

        • yes, but funny and comedy are not mutually exclusive, and using funny like that seems to be more of an adjective describing the result of a show, as opposed to an adjective which describes the nature of a show.,

          a comedy can not be funny but still be a comedy, much like all chairs are furniture but not all furniture is chairs.

  8. I found this laughtrack to be worse than the one on the show – while I don’t always agree with where any TV show uses it (I’ve yet to find one where I always do agree), this made some spots worse. (I like the show, but it’s not one I go out of my way for, and I’m not going to argue with people who dislike it.)

  9. To me it simply comes off like someone who doesn’t like the show is mocking it with the other laughter. The moment that’s realized, it becomes irritating. If you don’t think it’s funny…that’s fine. If we all liked the same thing, the world would be a boring place. But it doesn’t really prove anything.

  10. I liked the original season where there was a concerted effort to show the sorts of shenanigans nerds actually do to entertain themselves, but the later seasons are either all “LOLGEEKS!” because they’re doing something comicbook/star(insert$) related or the basic sitcom trope of “we’re not telling character X information Y and it’s causing crazy misunderstanding Z, oh let’s resolve that, shalalalalaa”. Which is basically the plot to, well, every sitcom ever.

    There are a number of good sitcoms out there that prove you don’t need a laugh track or studio audience and people still love them. Community, Arrested Development, etc. Basically the ones that pretentious twats call “intelligent sitcoms”.

  11. “I, personally, don’t find The Big Bang Theory funny and I have my reasons that are irrelevant to this post.”

    If your Personal Opinion is not relevant to this post, then why start it with a decisive unnecessary statement? If you were really after what people thought about this particular episode. You could of just left it with the heading – FUNNY OR UNFUNNY? ‘Big Bang Theory’ Laughter Replaced with Tidus’. This post is misleading to say the least. Are we discussing our thoughts on scripted laughter, or are we really discussing your personal reasons you don’t find a sitcom irrelevantly funny?

  12. The forced laughter is annoying in your edited clip. The show, itself, is funny. At least to me, and to the other scientists I work with. We freely admit we not only “know” people like this, but that we “are” people like this. Those who don’t like the show probably won’t like much of the other things I read/watch/participate in for entertainment. On the same note, I’d probably be bored to tears watching the shows you enjoy. Good thing cable has plenty of channels so we can each find our own entertainment!

  13. I never enjoyed this show. It’s more like what jocks and bullies think geeks and nerds act like. The show is more about stereotypes that non-geeks/nerds think we act like. I, for one, have been a nerd since I was 3yrs old. The people in this show are, by far, nothing like any of my nerd or geek friends. They all seem to act like idiots rather than intelligent well read individuals. I find the show ‘cringe-worthy’ as one of the above posts stated.