The Most EPIC Kitiara (Dragonlance) Cosplay of All Time [Pics]


We don’t see many people cosplay as Kitiara at conventions, which is kind of unfortunate because she’s one of the most awesome and badass character from the Dragonlance Saga. There’s also the fact that her armor would be just too complex to craft for most people, but that’s not the case for Tabitha Lyons and the team over at Artyfakes Action-Props, who used foam and latex to give life to the character.

Tabitha writes:

“Most cosplayers have that one cosplay that is their dream build, and for me that cosplay is Kitiara, riding on her dragon Skie. Kitiara is a character from the Dragonlance Saga, a series of books that got me through my youth and helped build my love for fantasy.

With the help of the Artyfakes team we brought Kitiara to life where I debuted her at London’s MCM expo. We are still busy building her 16ft. ride-on dragon. It’s our biggest task yet with lots of challenges facing us. We can’t wait to bring them together!”

Kudos to Lucas of Super Cosplay Girls (SCG) for the awesome photos!



Armor by Artyfakes Action-Props
Model: Tabitha Lyons
Photography: Super Cosplay Girls

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