Epic Goku vs. Superman Flipbook Animation [Video]

Superman should win this fight, and here’s the video to prove it: DEATH BATTLE: Goku vs. Superman [VIDEO]



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  1. If you’re gonna use Goku as a SSJ-God, it’s only fair that you put him up against Superman Prime, which is also basically a god.

    • Which will end up on both dying or the fight going on until the end of time. I don’t know why people try to put 2 overpowered characters and try to find reasons why one is better than the other.

  2. Please just because Screw Attack says so doesn’t mean superman would win. There analysis was garbage!
    Determining Goku’s durability by a bomb Dr.Gero made are you serious. Dr.Gero had no idea of how powerful Goku was how can we use that as evidence to determine a stat. And they used GT! GT IS NOT CANNON!
    I’m not saying that superman would definitively loose I mean it might be that he would win but Goku was under represented in that video but huge margin.

    • As with all mash-ups, the winner is the one the script writer/fan-fic author thinks should win. So… you can’t really make heads or tails of anything. Even though I personally think goku should get beaten into a pulp for personal reasons, I enjoyed this animation. Lots of time and effort put into it with a good result =)

  3. My only complaint here is that both superman and goku have the wonderful trait of being pretty noble. I mean they both have their bad moments, but seeing one noble character annihilate another is almost kinda sad. That being said, it’s also the artists discretion on who has more power. Otherwise, very well done technical skill with this. I even love the how the sparkles are animated.

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