If Male Superhero Costumes Were Designed Like the Females’ [Pics]

These drawings by Fernacular are meant to make you uncomfortable.

1) Make it so the first thing you think of when you look at them is sex, whether you want to or not. 2) Make it so that any male human who looks at this feels really uncomfortable.
3) Make it funny, because, well, it’s kinda hilarious, really.

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[via Uproxx]


31 Responses to If Male Superhero Costumes Were Designed Like the Females’ [Pics]

  1. Not like male super hero costumes are practical in general anyways. FWIW is this how women want their men to look if drawn as sex objects? Simply drawing men in female clothes/poses is not equivalent at all.

  2. Actually this was way better done than almost all of the other “responses” that I’ve seen. Putting in context how ridiculous the outfits of many heroines get, this is damn good work.

    • this joke would made more of a impact if it was made 20+ (random range of years other than NOW in 2013) years ago, considering how many now make uniforms out of tactical armor and reasoning of usage. Batgirl on the other hand was far ahead of the curve before this and wore a fully functional protective suit with equipment. (the only femininity about it was a cut in the nape of the cowl’s neck to lessen the restriction of the tight body formed cowl) and since it IS 2013, the gay superhero gag is overrated. (P.S. the heroines these days are superior, and have 10 fold their impact against their counter and foe, i.e athleticism, intuition, complexity in decission making other than just thwacking an enemy through the ground with a over-power slam to the chest)

    • Tights and spandex are -very- practical for invulnerable characters. Why do you think dancers and gymnasts wear them?

        • Also of note:

          – Superman’s invulnerability (from 1985-2011 at least) was explained as a force field half an inch off his skin. Anything inside that would be protected, thus skintight uniform. His capes got destroyed a LOT during that period.

          – In Marvel, at least, many characters (Fantastic Four, all X-Men, etc.) have outfits made from unstable molecules, which mimic the properties of adjacent molecules, so however your powers worked, they’d mimic them – IF the outfit is tight enough for it to work.

          – Spider-Man’s outfit is tight because he’s basically a dancer – he dodges the vast majority of hits. Armor or bulky outfits would seriously slow him down, and he’d get hit far more often.

  3. In all seriousness, do any of these images trigger any kind of sexual response in women? Because that it the point of the sexualized female images that are being satirized. If the answer to my question is NO (which I suspect), then this entire exercise was just a feeble “na na sexism is bad” opinion that kind just muddies the conversation without adding anything worthwhile to it.

    Also, just to add ammunition to the firefight I am stepping into, I believe I have read that men and women generally respond to different kinds of sexual stimulus? So even a well done gender mirroring of undoubtedly stupid female costumes onto men would not address the issue properly.

  4. Actually, men ARE sexualised in most media, it’s just less obvious. Flat stomachs, bulging chests, bulky biceps, clean shaven, strong jaw etc. etc.

    Ever seen the coke ad? Did you hear anyone screaming sexism at the top of their lungs?

    Granted with females in comic book and gaming media, it tends to be extremely overt, but don’t overlook the fact that men are being portrayed as a certain ideal shape as well.

  5. I don´t get it. What is this suppose to prove? We know that male characters look ridiculous in female clothes, but the point is that that doesn´t make these outfits ridiculous for women. I see that the intention is to make us uncomfortable by showing male heroes oversexualized in the same way that you feel uncomfortable with oversexualized heroines. But you are totally missing the hit here. Yes, we feel uncomfortable, but not because of sexualization, we feel uncomfortable because of the feminization. Women an men are different and the way that they move, their manners, their gestures are not the same. So you can´t just replace male clothes by female clothes because is not by any means equivalent. And of course men and women express sexuality in different ways and feel attracted by different things.
    To make things right, these heroes should be drawn in a way that were sexually attractive to women, and I bet this drawings are far from being attractive to women. I really think that Superman and Batman in their regular costumes are much more attractive to women.
    That´s because, in spite of that argument of the false equivalence, which I don´t buy at all, both genders are totally sexualized and they match with the cannon of beauty.

    Superheroes in general are made to be sexy and yes, probably this is a little more pronounce with female heroes but after all most of authors and consumers are men and I guess if I were an artist I would tend to draw women in a way that they looked beautiful to me. But if you really want to show the absurdity of some female costumes putting them in male characters doesn´t work.

  6. Yes, because Captain America and Batman need super tight clothing for, what again? In the comics Batman doesn’t have any armor like in the newer movies, but no one is bitching about that. It is a very impractical outfit for him, yet no one is mad about it because, oh yeah–that’s right–men don’t bitch about that stuff. The majority of people that read these comics are men, and if they want the drawings to be sexualized to appeal to their audience, then go for it! All I see nowadays is women fighting over the wrong things. You see a drawing of a woman somewhat sexualized and EVERYONE gets their panties in a bunch, but take away a woman’s right to chose if she wants to keep a baby or not and people stand around like nothing’s happening. I see more about “sexist drawings” than I do about real issues, which is appalling. Women have many freedoms and if we want to be equal so much, than either stop complaining over the little things, or “fix” it for both genders because women aren’t the only ones effected by it.