Marvel Mentorship Seeks the Next Jane Foster!

Marvel Comics continues to be the leader in Female Empowerment.

Their “Thor: The Dark World Ultimate Mentor Adventure” is for GIRLS ONLY and “aims to empower girls 14 years and up, in grades 9 – 12 nationwide, to embark on a journey to discover their potential and future in the world of STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.”

natalie portman_mentorship

The winners will fly to Southern California in November and will get to actually visit and interview other females in the “STEM” fields. They will also get exclusive, private tours and their whole adventure will be filmed and the documentary will be shown prior to a screening of Thor: The Dark World at the El Capitan Theater.

The deadline to enter is October 20!

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18 Responses to Marvel Mentorship Seeks the Next Jane Foster!

  1. Wow… What a massive “f* you” to the male fan base who got the comic book industry to where it is today.

    Sad to see Marvel giving the middle finger to a large portion of it’s fans, just to appease whiny feminist types

  2. Yay….lets get more women into stem fields so that they can get pregnant 3 years into their career and then return either working part time or leaving their work completely….girl power at the expense of tax payers money.

  3. Well I don’t fully agree with Rik, Combat Wound’s got the right of it. It’s completely mad that they refuse to run this as a gender-neutral program. So what if a boy’s family is too poor to help them get into STEM Field Research? Or they just need a little encouragement. Nope, girls only tee hee. Equality. AKA, total rubbish.

    • Statistically speaking, women are less likely to ultalize their expensive education to its full potential. Most will exit the workforce to become mothers and often return with part time hours or not at all. Not saying its true for every woman, but its a trend we have seen a lot with female doctors who only spend a few hours at best before they decide to ease back on their careers.

    • This isn’t a scholarship, just a program for girls to meet women in STEM fields and encourage them to pursue such studies.

  4. Females are already receive 60% of all college degrees, and 66% of all masters degrees. After decades of feminist man-hating policies, boys are failing out of school, failing out of college, and failing out of life. But don’t let these facts get in the way. Why not add even more anti-boy discrimination and start a women-only college program … number one million and one?

    • It’s a one week trip to meet and interview women in the STEM fields. I wouldn’t call that a “college program” it’s simply trying to gain female interest in these fields because they are still mostly male dominated areas of study.

  5. How about scholarships for less fortunate boys to study the Arts so they can become lawyers, politicians, community activists? Their communities need them. Or how about scholarships for boys for trade school? Or how about scholarships too keep boys in school period?

    They are giving scholarships to girls when boys education is in crisis, the M:F college ratio is 42:58. Way to shit on your fan base Marvel.




  7. Such lovely responses from the geek boys…. again. How silly of me to think that encouraging girls to study STEM stuff would be a good thing.

    For the record, I’d love to see more boys training themselves to become nurses etc. and hopefully TPTB would promote it. But perhaps someone else than Marvel should do it.

    • Nobody is against girls in STEM field research. We’re against GIRLS ONLY scholarships, in a time when boys fall behind in every academic subject across the Western world and in an economic recession. It should be gender neutral, or equal, a balanced amount of boys and girls.

      • The reason for this being a girls only program is that STEM fields are mainly occupied by men and they are trying to encourage women to take an interest in them as well. I didn’t read anything about a scholarship in the article. The contest is to win a week trip to California to meet women in STEM fields and learn more about these careers.

  8. MFW this is equality. Hold the boys back so the girls can catch up. The girls are ahead? Hold the boys down where ever you can. Marvel was made an empire by boys dreams, et tu marvel?

  9. Wait, do you all even know how to read? Or did you see girls only and go to the comments to cry at how women are beating men and those damn femnazis!

    It’s grade 8 – 12. Not college. It’s a trip to talk to other women in those fields (which yes, not a lot of women are in). Not a scholarship. I repeat NOT A SCHOLARSHIP.

    At least know what you’re talking about before coming to whine about how men totes have it worse.

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