The Wonder Woman Movie That Could — Nay, Should! — Be! [Fan Short]

After innumerable stops and starts on just as many innumerable Wonder Woman projects, Rainfall Films took it upon themselves to create a 2:30-long short film.

There is no dialogue, but it juxtaposes Diana battling SWAT guys on Earth with minotaurs on Themyscira, against beautiful music and Zack Snyder-esque fight scenes.

Rileah Vanderbilt (Team Unicorn, Saber 2 on Nerdist Channel) played Diana, while Sam Balcomb directed. Heather Green created the costume.

[via Nerdist]


7 Responses to The Wonder Woman Movie That Could — Nay, Should! — Be! [Fan Short]

  1. Is it gorgeous? Yes. Would we like to see a full-length movie of Wonder Woman? Yes. But people are saying that Rainfall has one-upped DC. You can’t use a two minute video of people fighting to demonstrate that DC has dropped the ball here. If DC made a two hour movie of people fighting amidst fully computer generated backgrounds, they would get laughed out of Hollywood. Tell us what the rest of the movie would have looked like, Rainfall!

  2. 2-hour long movie with hot chicks fighting giants and crime. How is that hard to sell seriously ?
    Throw in a cameo from JLA and you’re good ! It’s not that hard, come on DC ^^

  3. This could also be useful as a pitch for a tv version. We already get CG backgrounds in Once Upon a Time, so we know budget-wise it’s doable in a series…

  4. And there are some that say you can’t sell a superhero movie with a female lead in it. :P Bullshit, I say. It’s not about the gender, but the character, and I think WW has plenty of potential. There have already been a tv-series, so why not a movie?

    Awesome costumes, btw. :D

      • Honestly the lesbian stuff scares DC. Look at Batwoman. Honestly they dodge it. Hell in the new WW version they sneak on ships mate and kill the men. So sure they can be sociopathic killers but just not gay women?

        You take a good wiki look at Themescaran culture and they are…they even have marriages.

        Even if she wasn’t use that…it’d be a damned good reason for her to get off the island.