21 Fun and Interesting Facts about Breaking Bad [Pics]


Yesterday was the grand finale of Breaking Bad, one of the best TV series of all time. Here are 21 interesting and fun facts (From Bromygod) about the show you might not be aware of!


[Source: Bromygod | Via TechEblog]

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    • I was thinking the same. Gus could speak some Spanish, but not fluently, I could barely understand him at times, the same with Tío Salamanca. I wish they’d have used subtitles on those parts, that way I’d have understood everything.

    • Seriously. Giancarlo Esposito was great in the role, of course, but his Spanish was terrible, specially if he’s supposed to be Chilean. So were Tuco and Tío Salamanca, truth be told.

  1. Not killing Jesse off after Season One only prolonged his career till “Need for Speed” could smother whatever embers remained flickering…

  2. lol, Esposito’s spanish is horrible, he sounds like a radio with bad reception, and it’s anything but fluent.

  3. As someone who lives in Boise, Idaho (just 30 minutes from Aaron Paul’s hometown of Emmett) I find it almost impossible to believe he’d never met anybody involved with methamphetamine before the show.

  4. There is a candy store in old town Albuquerque that sells Breaking Bad candy (the rock candy). It is called “The Candy Lady”. They’ve got great stuff there :)

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