Doctor Who Weeping Angel Mask


Don’t blink!

From Superhero Stuff:

I wouldn’t suggest blinking or else you’ll miss the 11 inch vacuform(plastic-y) Doctor Who Weeping Angel Mask (Affiliate)! Oh, that was bad. Hey, sometimes you see Weeping Angels and you just want go with the ‘don’t blink’ reference. However, if you are making that reference you are probably turning to your companion and shooting off a one liner but unfortunately that’s the moment a Weeping Angel pops up next to you and sends you back to 225 million years ago. On the bright side of things, you’ll be able to check out all of those super sweet dinosaurs without having to wait for Jurassic Park to open. Bad news is you won’t be able to use the Doctor Who Weeping Angel Mask for Halloween or costume parties…in less you can find some raptors that are into that sort of thing.

[Get one @ Superhero Stuff – $18.99 (Affiliate) | Via FG]

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