EPIC Starship Size Comparison Chart [Pic]

This mind blowingly HUGE and very complete starship comparison chart was compiled by Deviantart user Dirk Loechel. Keep in mind that 1 pixel equals 10 meters. Be sure to click on the picture to view it in full size (It will open in a new window.)


[Source: Dirk Loechel | Via Kotaku]

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    • technically speaking, if we were to include the full interior size of the TARDIS, as the TARDIS is infinitely massive, its would dwarf even the executor class super star destroyer, eclipse class super star destroyer, the leviathan class titan, or city destroyer invasion mothership of independence day, even if you included length and breadth.

      still, would be nice to have seen an attempt made ahah

  1. no Serenity Itself? no tardis i can understand…technically too small to be visible…but we’ve got other firefly ships but not the serenity itself?

        • Just because it can change star systems doesn’t mean it is a ship. This doesn’t list any of the other battle, star, or other types of Stations on here.

        • No it’s not. According to Wookieepedia the original Death Star was 160 kilometers or 160,000 meters in diameter. The largest ship on this chart seems to be 24,000 meters long. It wouldn’t fit, it’s larger than the whole chart. The second Death Star was even larger. Many ships are missing because they are too small, the Death Star however is just too freakin big lol

  2. the 40K list had only the medium ships and small ones. it didn’t have Armageddon-class Fleetmasters, any of the hive fleet ships, tau motherships (kroot don’t count), ANY of the non-alliance ships from Firefly/Serenity, and probably 500 other glaring mistakes…

  3. It needs the Great Fox… and the usg Ishimura from dead space. Might as well throw the battleship Halberd in there while you’re at it. (Pretty please?)

  4. Where were the Reapers? The Normandy? The most epic space games of all time – the epic space game of all time doesn’t get represented? Pooh – I wanted to see how the citadel was in comparison – same thing with the Reapers…

  5. Looking at the Star Wars ships, It kind of disappoints me that authors had to come up with larger and larger ships past the original trilogy. Making a SSD severely strained the economy of the Empire, not to mention Death Stars 1 and 2. I doubt the Empire could amass enough industry to make anything else of that size during its decline and dissolution, although they definitely did make tons of Star Destroyer sized vessels.

    I just think the ‘huge ship’ is an overused plot device to make ‘more danger.’

  6. Would be interesting to see the Descent Freespace series ships in here, especially the GTVA Colossus, the Shivan Sathanas-class juggernauts and the Shivan Lucifer-class. Although I’m sure the Executor is still bigger.

  7. +1 for Stargate Atlantis and Destiny from SGU.

    What would be the best way to get a good print of this in larger poster format?? Any online resources folks would recommend?

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