Triple Trouble for Google Street View Driver


A Google Street View driver in Indonesia has somehow managed three crashes in a single day. And no, that’s not a joke about the Chrome browser.

The driver, an Indonesian citizen, was driving the car (similar to that illustrated above), complete with prominent Google logo and pole-mounted camera, in Bogor, a region on the edge of capital Jakarta.

Local police operations chief Hendra Gunawan told the AFP news agency that the driver crashed into a minivan used for a taxi-style service. The two drivers then went to a nearby garage where they found the repair bill for the van would be around 200,000 rupiah.

Although that only “translates” to around US$17.50, it’s around a couple of days’ earnings at the prevailing minimum wage in Jakarta. While it’s not known how much the Google driver earns, the prospect of being held responsible seems to have proven too much for him and he “fled” in the damaged Google car, which presumably carried photographic evidence of the crash.

That prompted the minivan driver to chase after him for around two miles, at which point the Google driver hit another van. Apparently unable to think of a new tactic, the Google driver again made a quick exit, only to wind up hitting a parked truck, at which point he was taken in for questioning by police

He’s now been released without charge and, although Google hasn’t publicly commented, police say the repair bills for all three vehicles he hit have been taken care of.

The story has had an added benefit, beyond the obvious gags about this being one of the worst GTA missions imaginable: it’s a chance to once again revisit the story from earlier this year in which Google was forced to deny one of its drivers had hit and killed a donkey in Botswana.

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