Disney Princesses for Equal Pay [Music Video]

Role model-worthy Disney princesses!

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  1. I have a problem with the whole equal pay argument this video presents when the “princess” is typing away on the laptop without it even being turned on… /sarcasm

    In all seriousness though, the video doesn’t mention the difference in work history, years of experience, etc. The 77 cents on the dollar figure cited by the President as being the compensation for women versus men who do equal work is misleading.

    I would suggest reading point #2 on the link provided below for more information on the topic and the debate amongst both sides. This link provides sources for all points made.


  2. The gender pay gap is a myth. It used to be a reality, say 30-40 years ago – but not today. Companies know better. When you start comparing genders by education, the gap goes away. For example, college educated women vs. college educated men. It only starts being a problem when you lump all women and all men together. Then there appears to be an inequality.

  3. The man is typing away hard at work behind her, and she’s singing and being a distraction to others. That could be one reason.

    I’m all for equal pay, but I feel you also have to earn your pay. If you have more experience/years at the job, even if technically you’re at the same level doing the same thing as someone freshly hired, you should make more in addition to having seniority should any such benefits filter down the pipeline. Of course that sort of information can’t be deciphered in this video,

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