Being Single vs. Being in a Relationship [Comic]








The 7 actual differences between being single and being in a relationship by Caldwell Tanner from College Humor. Apart from those listed in the comic, can you list a few other differences? Let us know in the comments section below!

[Source: CH]

12 Responses to Being Single vs. Being in a Relationship [Comic]

  1. singleton to friend: you’re so lucky to have someone who loves you…
    girlfriend to friend: you’re so lucky you’re still free to ‘order from the menu’…

  2. I confirm that this comic is 100% spot on. Wearing pants? Over it.

    (I also want to applaud the artist for making a “single vs relationship” comic that doesn’t fall back on annoying gender stereotypes!)

  3. Single dude be havin all the fun… Dude with bitches be like, cant watch the football this sunday, gotta be goin to B&Q to get some shelves and shit like.

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