Iron Man: The Flying RC Extreme Hero Edition [Pics + Video]


Since most of you geeks won’t be able to actually wear a real flying Iron Man suit in their lives, here’s the next best thing after that: A Flying RC version of the armor!


Experience the thrill of controlling the world’s first flying Iron Man. A full 19” long, the RC Extreme Hero Iron Man banks, soars dives and climbs, just like the real Iron Man. Made from lightweight yet durable, reinforced, structural foam, powered by high output twin engines, fueled by a built in, super capacity, rechargeable LiPo battery and driven by a custom programmed, extended distance 2.4 GHz controller, the RC Extreme Hero is the ultimate flying machine. A unique patent pending steering mechanism gives you greater control and a super tight turning radius. High performance yet easy enough for a beginner. Soar up to 300 feet in the air for 6-8 minutes per charge. Requires 6 AA batteries. Ages 8+.

I don’t know about you guys, but I want one… for my son. You know, because I’m a great father and I’m thinking about the happiness of my kids before anything else.

[RC Extreme Hero | Via Gizmodo]

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