Pepper Potts in Iron Man Armor Cosplay [Pics]

Slight variation from the original armor Pepper wore in Iron Man 3, but still awesome. The burning and scratching detail is astounding.

(Model: Tenshi no Sekai)

(Photos by Andres H. and Erick Morales)






[Source: Tenshi no Sekai (Facebook) | Tenshi no Sekai (Deviantart) | via FG]


13 Responses to Pepper Potts in Iron Man Armor Cosplay [Pics]

  1. Page Editors , this isn’t related to the Iron Man 3 movie , this is an armor Tony created for Pepper called Rescue, I know the cosplayer and this is a fact, If you please can correct the article to avoid confusion that’d be great, thanks

  2. Ya know for a page called “Geeks are Sexy” the editors don’t see very geeky.
    This is the Rescue armor from the comics yo.

    • exactly, they should know everything, always, and not knowing one thing should call into question everything else.