Dragon Con 2013 (+ PAX Prime) Cosplay in Pictures [Gallery]


As promised on Sunday, here are some other cc-licensed pics that were shot at Dragon Con 2013 (and PAX Prime!) during the Weekend. Unfortunately, I was not able to find a photographer to be on site this year (here are our pictures from last year), but I promise to try harder in 2014. Many thanks to androg0000, Dave Monk, m.toyama, Sxszwast, Leepus, and millermz for sharing their pictures with the world via Creative Commons!

Edit: It seems that a few of these pics come from PAX Prime in Seattle (Thanks Samantha!) Sorry geeks, not sure how that happened. ;)

[Picture Sources: androg0000 | Dave Monk | m.toyama | Sxszwast | Leepus | millermz]