50 Things a Geek Should (Apparently) Know [Pic]


Here is an infographic listing 50 things a geek should apparently know. The level of knowledge required to have a perfect score is a little broad, but I was able to score 37. What about you guys?

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  1. Yeah, I know what “no place like” means – it means the person who made this doesn’t know what means.

    “There’s no place like” translates to “there’s no place like localhost” – which is meaningless. Localhost is the loopback address of the machine you’re using, which may or may not (depending on your network) contain your home folder.

    “There’s no place like ~” would be the correctly geeky way to say what they want to say, as “~” expands to “$HOME” in the shell.

  2. Ohhh, yes, let’s make geekdom as elitist as the cliques we hated in high school. I call myself a geek because I love that the term encompasses everyone who is passionate about something – as a book geek, I can’t answer most of that stuff on the list and, as a female, the first time someone tries to get me to “pass the test”, they’re getting hit over the head with my first edition Harry Potter with the British cover art.

  3. This list is a good try but really lame. By definition, being a geek does not mean you have to know everything on this list, people are only Geeky about some things and not about others. I actually kind of take offense to this list.

  4. Thank you for that Anna. Seriously? I know where my local hackerspace is, and have done volunteer work there, but build a fighting robot? Know all the names of characters from an anime series when I loathe anime? Does my dislike of anime make me automatically not a geek despite playing board games and RPGs all through high school? Hell, I OWNED the original pocket box Steve Jackson games, but I won’t tell someone they’re not a geek because they never did, or don’t even know what that is.

    Rather, I’d gush about the good old days of Car Wars and Ogre when they first came out. When Car Wars was the first of it’s kind, and they had Murphy’s Rules in Dragon Magazine. I kind of miss Murphy’s Rules…

  5. On the Comic Con question, I wonder how many people said Tokyo, where their comic con had over 560,000 attendees, as opposed to San Diego which only had 130,000.

  6. I scored a 19. Please see below for a scathing critique.

    How is there no section on books? I freaking speak elvish, but I’m not a geek, apparently. I can rattle off about a thousand things the Game of Thrones TV series is doing wrong, but I’m not a geek. I find that wizard’s first rule applies to my daily life, but I’m not a geek.

    Not a single question on Battle Star Galactica, let alone the 1978 version? And in the video game section, where was Balder’s Gate (finish this sentence: “The Lord of Murder shall perish…”)? No question to test knowledge of the Zelda franchise, or to determine whether or not one knows the right tree to choose in WoW to tank spec a Death Knight? Cause I would have owned those questions.

    But, all of this being true, I’m not a “real” geek. Surprise surprise. Geeks become popular and morph into another clique I’m not cool enough to join. Well done, elitists.


  7. Do we get extra credit for correcting errors? LOL

    Under the television category, I want to point out that this should say “Know the names of the actors who have played THE DOCTOR”

    (and there are more than eleven…)

  8. This is list is garbage. Sorry, not every geek is into Doctor Who or anime. I’m certainly not.

    However, I can calculate THAC0 scores, tell you all about the technology in Star Wars, program a CRPG in my free time in C#, C++ or Java, name every card in the Alpha set of Magic and tear apart a computer or a laptop and fix most issues without spending a dime.

    But, somehow I am not a geek just because I don’t like Monty Python or go to comic book conventions. Sorry, but this list seems to think all geeks are like the guys from Big Bang Theory. We’re not.

    • I agree. Some of the things mentioned are more of “things people love”, not really geek stuff. I hate Dr. Who for example. And the Neo Genesis thing I never heard of.

  9. Another so-called ‘geek list’ clearly written by some elitist jerk who hasn’t a clue what they are on about…. How typical. It was a sad day for geekdom when the fashion victims and elitists started calling the shots. Feeble and divisive rubbish it is.

  10. How in the world can we put a label on “geek”?! This is atrocious. We condemn and speak out against those who are elitist and do not allow us in their “groups” (i.e. jocks, cheerleaders, popular kids) and now we want to do EXACTLY THE SAME THING to those who independently identify as “geek”? How DARE you. I have never seen an episode of Dr. Who, and couldn’t tell you one thing about WoW, but I am a huge Harry Potter fan, am addicted to Portal & Portal 2, can set up, fix and maintain my computer and servers, am a Browncoat through and through, but according to this, I am not “qualified” enough to be a geek? There has been outcry about fake-geek shaming, especially from the female community, and you promote this shameful display of elitist behavior. I read this days ago, and it has bugged me so much, I couldn’t help but come back, find it, and give you a piece of my mind, and I sincerely hope you metaphorically choke on it. Shame on you and your abysmal, appalling, fake-geek-shaming piece of garbage post.

  11. Being a geek isn’t about a list of requirements, it’s about your personal mantra in life.

    It’s about
    keeping an open mind,
    valuing an inquisitive intelligence,
    being happy with yourself,
    applauding those who be themselves,
    no matter how quirky
    and spontaneous
    and excited you all are
    it’s about coming together over hobbies
    or fandoms.. or WHATEVER!
    it’s mostly just about goofing off and having fun.

    I have never met a self-respecting geek who would hold other people up to their own standards and judging/shaming them for not being as proficient.

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