What Do You Think of the New Lobo? [Pics]

IMO, if this were practically any other character but Lobo — or perhaps Lobo’s son or an origin story featuring a young Lobo — then I’d be on board.

Now, that being said, artist Kenneth Rocafort was tasked with Lobo’s redesign, and 2 of his 4 drawings had Lobo similar to how we know and love him. The other 2 showed a Lobo that looked young adult, like this one below, which DC ultimately went with. You can view all 4 of Rocafort’s interpretations on the DC Comics Blog.


The new Lobo will appear in September’s Justice League #23.2: Lobo, so maybe all is not as it seems? I sure hope so, because come on…

Lobo isn’t emo. He’s sarcastic. Funny. He loves antagonizing others. He’s a BOUNTY HUNTING SPACE BIKER!


[via The Mary Sue]

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