This Week In Geeky Ladies’ Footwear

Ladies, this is your week in feet.


You don’t really have to be a design geek to love these Pantone-colored Louboutin concept heels, but you’d have to be a sadist to hope they never exist. For now, the shoes are just mock-ups, but designer Christian Goldemann hopes to unite Pantone Universe and Christian Louboutin to make them a real thing. Given that Pantone currently work with Sephora to offer eyeshadow, lip gloss, nail polish and eyeliner, these shoes don’t seem like a huge leap for the company.

For those who have something less theoretical in mind, these comic book heels are really real and purchasable, which is great because they’re awesome. Whether you wear heels or not, you have to admit that they’re good-looking, and when presented with so many run-of-the-mill black and nude pumps, it’s nice to have the option of a print and detailing to set your tootsies apart from the crowd.

You can get the Scott Pilgrim shoes and Grimm Fairy Tales heels from HeroComicAccessories on Etsy. If you’re not into walking around balanced on a tiny peg all day, there are also Wonder Woman and Superman ballet flats available.

And lastly, though these are probably not in stock, Beauty for the Geek has a whole stunning collection of custom Star Wars shoes in a variety of height and designs.

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