Never Forget [Comic]


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10 Responses to Never Forget [Comic]

  1. The times when mobile computers with processing power of fraction of current netbooks were more expensive than macbook pro nope I do not miss taht times.

    • Going out with friends and not caring about netbooks, macbooks, and facebooks. I miss those times.

  2. I just don’t see the big deal about the 90’s. Nothing earth-shattering happened. These “90’s kids” had no real culture to work with, and it seems like they’re just desperately clinging to whatever they can to make that decade seem like it mattered, in a historical context.

    • Ultimately, there is no period in time that matters. We’re all talking monkeys flying through space on a rock.

  3. Nothing earth shattering except the popular use of the information sharing network that you are currently using.

  4. I prefer the 80s over the 90s. The 90s is what lead to many downfalls. Such as boy bands, crappy music like techno…now music today is terrible (Except dubstep…yes I know). It lead to parents being lazy as a parent and children becoming monsters. So on and so on.